Thursday, April 28, 2011

Book of Judges Intro

The tale of twelve judges and a tyrant king,

Bad Abimelech, bastard son of Gideon.

Wayward and wanton, he was a wicked king

Who had killed his own kin as Cain had done.

In the dismal days after the death of Joshua,

A lack of leadership had led the children of Israel

To leave the law of the Lord and learn the ways

Of the heathen hordes inhabiting Canaan.

God’s anger grew as they forgat his mercies

And his many miracles in the midst of Egypt

When he had haled the Hebrews to freedom

& punished Egypt’s people with the plagues of his wrath.

They had come to Canaan but could not drive out the

Whole of the inhabitants thereof, having broken

The laws of the Lord and leaving his covenant.

Then being brought into bondage because of

Their sins, they served as slaves in their own land

To the kings of Canaan or the clans of the Philistines.

Hard-pressed & harrowed, the Hebrews called out

To the Saviour of souls to show mercy on them

& give his children a chance to change their churlish ways.

So our gracious God gave them the opportunity

To keep the covenant which was commanded them &

walk in the way of the Lord without departing from it. He’d

Raise up a righteous ruler that would rally the people

To fight against their foes and defend their nation

From the wicked warlords who wasted their substance

And enslaved their sons. Then safe from their enemies

Prosperity, peace, and plenty returned. But when

Their deliverer was dead they degenerated again &

Gat them gods made of gold and silver

Forgetting the fate of their fathers who had forsaken

The Lord. Leaderless their liberty vanished

Until their tribulations would turn them back to

The God of glory. A great judge would rise

And so the cycle would start again.

In the times of these trials and tribulations for Israel

Many a mighty man meted out judgment

Whose daring deeds deserve to be remembered.

- Steven L Anderson, 2010

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